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2012-07-08 00:35:15 by AnalPenguinFarming

And I'll let you be a piece of history in this news post by saying something nice about you.

knightsofthecircle - This user is beautiful and will receive an internet fist bump and a pat on the back for being the first to post here.

SirFinland - Once a great warrior in Finland, knighted and made infinitely a piece of this news post.

jjjkuk - Dis guy showin some RESPEC to the older users. I like it. Welcome to immortality.

scarypicnic - Thinx im speshal :3


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2013-08-24 02:31:32



2013-06-30 09:05:14

knightsofthecircle got a name change, he's now Knights


2013-04-06 16:59:50

step up bitch


2013-04-01 00:22:51

Your survey entry: 54

Now you can see it listed on the index: 82


2013-03-18 18:11:40

Oh hey, you're still around. Hows the missus?


2013-02-10 01:52:18

hey guys, i'm a fag


2013-02-10 01:28:10

i remember you

didn't you use to anal farm pigs?


2013-02-10 00:57:17

I'm cool right?


2013-02-10 00:57:16

I'm cool right?


2012-12-08 14:07:59

i farm anal cows


2012-10-04 14:50:23

i like your username


2012-08-04 09:56:10



2012-07-22 13:57:47

u pretty special :3

AnalPenguinFarming responds:

no u pretty speshel


2012-07-19 00:47:34

Hello, Anal. I've noticed you you posting again recently. Good to see more old users on here. The new weeaboos and bronies are getting on my nerves.

AnalPenguinFarming responds:

Unfortunately I've had more time on my hands than I had the past couple of months. I try to enjoy the NG life a little more and spread sarcasm and fun all at once. But thank you for your kind words and respect.


2012-07-19 00:47:12

Yeah when I was 13 it sure was fun because I was so fucking annoyingly excited over everything.

AnalPenguinFarming responds:

We all were young at the time. The club is long dead. Never to be revived.


2012-07-09 00:50:30

Hey remember when we used to fuck around in that one club on the BBS. Sure was fun times.

AnalPenguinFarming responds:

Haha, yea, back when it was active. miss yew :(


2012-07-08 14:45:29

So, how have you been? Did that sound too contrived? Fuck man, what do want me to say? It's not like I'm used to this kind of attention. It's like, here I am admiring your new post and suddenly you want me to jump through hoops like I'm some trained Russian bear or some shit. You know what? Fuck you, man. If you're not secure enough to warrant an actual friendship from me than that's your own fault. I've got more important shit to do.

AnalPenguinFarming responds: